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Al-Ahram Sticker Company

A company specialized in the manufacture of plain and printed roll stickers for all factories and export companies in Egypt.

The company has a highly qualified team of sales and technicians - who have long experience, which made Al-Ahram Sticker in a very competitive position in the local markets.

Top Quality

The Best Materials

Lowest Price

Our Services

Our Factory is Specialized in Making

Printed sticker roll - sheet

Fruit stickers for citrus and fruits

Thermal barcode for companies

supermarket stickers

scales stickers

Chemical Stickers

Detergent stickers

food stickers

Cosmetics and medicine stickers


Company Message

For Al-Ahram Sticker Company to have a high added value for our customers in the field of sticker printing by providing a consistent provision of the best high-quality materials, as well as providing high-quality prints that comply with their expectations, while ensuring that we fulfill our obligations towards customers by delivering quantities as soon as possible


Pre-Press Equipment

We are at the service of our client starting from the design work, where we have professional designers to do all designs and high technical research, and we also have the hardware and software that make us distinct in this aspect.


Our Advantages

We have the ability and modern equipment to produce all films and make color separations and cliches of all kinds for all types of printing inside our factory; This distinguishes us from others by being extremely flexible and responsive to any modifications requested by the client and facing surprises when doing printing experiments in the presence of our clients



Al-Ahram Sticker owns a comprehensive system for sorting 100% of the production out of the production lines and applies strict standards in quality control, which makes us reach the best quality for all cards leaving our factory, so that the product gains the customer’s confidence and reassurance on the quality of the final product.


Technical Support

1- Software used
Our company owns the latest studio equipped with the best software and modern computers, where the separation of colors and films is done automatically from the computer to ensure the highest levels of quality.
Where we prefer to receive artworks on the following programs: Adobe Illustrator CS
Corel Draw 11
And our client always remembers to convert the fonts to carafes, as he sends us the original images or logos, which are executed or sent by 300dpi TIFF.
We do not prefer GIF or JPEG artwork, because using artwork in this way leads to poor printing quality as a result of a defect in these methods.
Our technical works are also implemented by the following programs:
1 Corel Draw 11 with Text to Curves.
2 Adobe Illustrator with Text to Curves.
3- IBS with Text to Curves.
4 PDF with Text to Curves.
2 - Winding directions
Al-Ahram Sticker Company provides its customers who use automatic labeling machines with several models of bobbin winding directions to match their specifications. Also, customers who use manual methods for sticking cards always prefer to use rollers, so the desired direction is chosen according to the standard models prepared for this purpose. We also provide our customer with the supply in the form of a chick.


For any inquiries, contact us and we will answer you directly


Yasser sanad
General manager




Yousef sand
Sales manager